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Convert any JPEG image file into a DICOM medical image complete with tags
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DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. DICOM files store medical ultrasound or MRI images together with metadata about the patient in a similar way that audio files can store information about the music they contain in a set of ID3 tags. JPEG to DICOM is capable of converting any JPEG image into a DCM file, with or without tags with the patient’s information, in a simple and straightforward way.

Designed to be of use for all kinds of users, the program’s interface cannot be simpler. You can add any number of files and even entire folders of JPEG images and convert all of them into DCM medical images in one single operation. The program offers a set of options to help you customize the output in terms of tags, compression, and image flipping. Thus, you can keep the original DICOM tags, ignore them to keep the patient’s anonymity intact, import DICOM tags from a text file, or select which tags from a list of supported metadata will be embedded to the image. These tags include information about the study date and time, the institution name, the description of the study, as well as the patient’s name, ID, birth date, sex, age, and position. When it comes to image compression, you can apply JPEG, JPEG-2000, JPEG-LS, and RLE compression algorithms during the conversion progress, or leave the original uncompressed files untouched. Finally, you can flip your images either horizontally or vertically if needed.

JPEG to DICOM is a tool intended for professionals who need to convert standard medical JPEG files into the DICOM format so that they can be imported into the patient’s medical records complete with all their metadata. That maybe explains both the program’s simplicity and the pricey amount that you will be asked to pay for this one-function app.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Batch conversion
  • Image compression
  • Customizable DICOM tags
  • Supports importing tags from file
  • Flips images


  • Pricey
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